'Fortitude is a two-dimensional open world space exploration game set within a Solar System in the far reaches of unknown space where your objective is simple; to find evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial life.'

Fortitude was born from the combination of two separate research topics, Space: containing planets, moons, interstellar phenomena, science-fiction & science fact, and the fear of the Unknown: containing information about why it's fearful and fight or flight. With the combination of these two research areas, the basis behind Fortitude was then to create a fear inducing experience as players ventured throughout the system into the unknown, not knowing what might be waiting for them but exploring nonetheless out of curiosity. Dubbed the Roci System from its host star Roci-45B, the game map is comprised of two terrestrial planets (Diadem & Elcalowda), two gas giants (Estabahn & Rika) as well as three moons, all of which are explorable bar one. My role throughout the development of the project was the creative designer, with my primary focus being centered around the design and construction of the both the planets & moons within the system, as well as any explorable surfaces and features. 

Creating all of the different assets within Fortitude proved to be at times an incredible complex and time consuming process, with elements having to be moved between softwares due to one not containing the tools or capabilities of what was needed. Each planet was created as a whole at first in Adobe Illustrator, before being moved to Adobe Photoshop where it was finalised. Surfaces, features and rocks all followed an identical process, however surfaces were tile based as to decrease workload and asset creation time, as the scale was huge in relation to both player and ship. Mechanics and features within the game pride themselves on being as realistic as what could be managed in the small amount of time that we had, and therefore movement was velocity based meaning that in order to slow down or change direction, you would need to move in a direction opposite to the one you were currently moving in.

FORTITUDE is now available for digital download at:

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