'DARE is a redesign on the concept of a modern dungeon crawler utilising robust systems with an underlining focus on teamwork and cooperative play.

DARE's original design consisted of an artistic dungeon crawler that aimed to revamp/redesign the concept modern games with this genre, with characters that were cute and stood apart from age old dungeon crawlers as well as the mechanics and features that drive them. With most dungeon crawlers being designed around an element of fear with worlds being dark and gloomy as to significantly reduce what the players can see until they're right on top of them, in which case panic ensues and enemies get the upper hand.


The first immediate change that my group made to DARE was making it more recognisable as a dungeon crawler, as we were making a vertical slice so only the first section of the game would be playable once finished. To do this we kept much of the game that makes up it's foundation and instead however altered the visual style keeping with the theme of a medieval dungeon with candles, iron doors, pillars and iron torches dotted across the map and rooms.


My role across the development process was world/ level design which encompassed the placement of all enemies, and environmental features such as pillars, torches, tables, chairs, before turning my attention to 3D modelling and animation. Throughout this process i used the modelling software 3DS Max, and was in contact communication with my team with regards to the outcome of models in relation to their original concept designs and made any changes where necessary. When each component and their additional variations completed my next task became the placement of each model within the environment, ensuring that object positions didn't feel cramped or objects seeming out of place throughout the map.

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