'Bank Boss is a 2D resource management game where you take on the role of a bank manager, with the games primary focus on keeping both the staff and public happy as well as making money'

Bank Boss was a game designed to be implemented with IBM's Watson API, and could therefore be played via voice to text command system as well as with a mouse therefore allowing for several ways of playing the game. The game was turn-based in that events would be occur randomly such as robberies, dips in both staff and public morale and other factors that would hinder the increase the players funds. This money could then be used to strengthen other areas of the bank such as security to fend off robberies, hiring and firing staff members to either increase of decrease funds, as well as promoting others or advertising the bank to the public therefore increasing revenue. Each section would need to be carefully considered as a robbery or dip in morale could cause the players income to drop considerably, to the point where the game is lost.

Bank Boss was created over the course of a week (i.e. 5 days), and was treated as a type of game jam so designing, developing and producing the game needed to be quick and decisive in order for it to be completed on time. My role throughout the production of the game was major UI elements such as the Morale & Security Level Bars, Currency Icons, Text Boxes and the main selection tab to the left of the screen (icons within this tab were designed and created by another member of the team). Various iterations were carried out in terms of the fonts as we needed something that would be easy to read therefore standing out from the background behind it, as well as the morale bars in which the total percentage could be determined without looking at the number directly. I also designed the currency icon 'F', which came about by taking various letters of the alphabet and altering them, taking inspiration from the Pound, Dollar and other worldwide currency.

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